Please, take a few minutes to read the FAQs. They will answer 99% of your questions about boat charters in Thailand.

How do I choose the right yacht for me?

This really depends on your personality, your part size, experience, and also, your budget. There are a number of factors but these are the primary ones that should be addressed when picking a yacht.
All yachts will have some features in common. Sailing yachts will come with a set number of cabins, ranging from 2 upwards. The number of cabins will of course depend on the size of the party. Usually you’ll be looking at 2 people per cabin. Some yachts are simply more comfortable than others. A spectrum from rugged seafarer to relaxed luxury will be available. Tight quarters won’t give you that luxurious feel but newer models tend to be more spacious and generally come with better design and capabilities.

What is the booking procedure?

The charter can be contacted by email or fax for details of availability, prices and further information on the boats. Once the dates are agreed the following paperwork can be issued to you: invoice, bareboat or crewed boat contract, provisioning forms, client preference list (crewed yachts only) and a booking form.
Four days after the invoice is issued we ask that the money is transferred to our bank account. Upon completion of the payment please fax over the bank transfer slip to +66 76 324 448 and confirmation will be sent once the funds arrive and the deposit is received. We also ask that the contract is filled in appropriately and faxed (or emailed) to the same number.
We also ask that travel insurance is obtained in case of personal injury before your arrival. This is often covered by the credit card company but we encourage you to ensure that medical costs and repatriation is covered and we ask that you send this to us.

What is the cost of a Crewed yacht or Bareboat?

These costs will vary depending on size, power or sail, the number of crew members and some other factors. The length of charter duration will also alter the cost, although, this is normally one week. If you intend on diving during your charter this may also add costs. Other water activities are included as are food and beverages.

Yachts are available for a minimum party of 2. A larger yet may be cheaper per person depending on party size. For very large parties, you may want to consider chartering more than one yacht and travel as a flotilla.

Gratuities are also the norm and you should remember that your crew is hard working and are making sure you’re having a great vacation.

What do I need to bring with me?


  • Light shirts
  • Shorts
  • Skirts
  • Sun hats/caps
  • Sandals
  • Trainers/sneakers
  • Bathing suits
  • Warmer clothing/night wear e.g. sweatshirt, windbreaker, jeans
  • Rain jacket
  • Long pants/collared shirts (for the more formal restaurants)
  • Medical prescriptions


  • Soft sided luggage (for storage purposes)
  • Additional foldable baggage
  • Mask/snorkel
  • SCUBA equipment if not provided in your package
What kind of activities are there to do?

This will depend n what equipment you have available. In water activities are varied and include SCUBA diving, snorkelling, knee boarding, water-skiing, kayaking, windsurfing and fishing. Some of this equipment may be provided so please check ahead as to what you will need.  Activities that are not included but are available include diving and parasailing.

You’ll receive recommendations on on-shore activities depending on your location.

What's our itinerary going to be like?

This will be based on your booking and preferences. We can offer advice on locations to visit and activities to conduct in each area. If you have a crewed boat, you will be able to rely on their expertise and knowledge of the region.

What type of food and drinks are served?

Food and beverage menus will be designed to fit your preferences. Our highly professional chefs can accommodate most diets and with some notice can prepare any dish you desire. You’ll find that alcoholic beverages are provided as part of the “ships bar” but the variety will depend on your package. The more expensive yachts will come stocked with the finer wines and premium beers and spirits.

Do you offer special cruises?

Special cruises are on offer and these can meet almost every need. Some of the ‘special’ features are listed below.

  • Scuba Diving: We offer programs for all abilities and can take you to a different sites such as reefs, caves and wrecks. Night diving is also available.
  • Captain Only: Available off a few yachts at a lower rate than fully-crewed. The guest will cover their own expenses and make your own meals. This package appeals to those that want a greater degree of freedom.
  • Special Diets: Our vegetarian menus are adored by all – not just the veggies! We can accommodate other diets but please get in touch beforehand.
What is and is not included in the charter fee for bare boats?


– Use of the vessel noon to noon

– Boat and area briefing

– Use of yacht and navigation equipment including sea charts

– Use of dingy & outboard

– Bed linen & towels

– Snorkeling equipment

– End cleaning (yacht must clean upon handover)


Not included

– provisioning and fuel

– Security deposit

– Optional gear ( Spinnaker, windsurfer,etc…)

– Diving

– King’s Cup and Regatta supplements

– Skipper and Cook

– National Park and Marina Fees

What is included & not included in the charter fee for crewed yachts?


– 24 hour use of the vessel

– All on board meals and soft drinks

– Services of the captain, cook & crew

– Snorkeling equipment

– Fuel (for motor yachts up to 5 hours steaming a day or unless stated otherwise)

Not included

– Bar and alcohol

– Land transfers

– National Park and Marina Fees

– King’s Cup and Regatta supplements

– Visa expenses for Burma and Andaman Islands

Is there a discount policy?

For the majority of  yachts the following discounts apply (except MYBA terms):

– 5% off booking of 8 days and over

– 8% off booking of 14 days and over

– 10% off booking of 21 days and over

– 15% off booking of 28 days and over

What is the payment policy?

When booked 90 days in advance there is a  25% deposit to confirm the  booking and a 25% payment 90 days before charter starts. Balance payment is required 40 days before charter begins.

When booked less than 90 days in advance we ask for 50% to confirm the booking and a 50% balance payment that is due 40 days before the start of the charter.

What is the cancellation policy?

A cancellation/administration fee of 150 Euros is required. In addition to  the cancellation fee the cost will depend on how far in advance the cancellation is processed.

If you cancel more than 12 weeks before the charter date we ask for 25% of the total charter fee. If the cancellation is between 12 and 8 weeks before the charter date we ask for 50% of the total charter fee. Between 8 and 4 weeks before the charter date we ask for 80% of the total charter fee and if the cancellation is as near as within 4 weeks of the charter date we require 100% of the total charter fee. As we’re sure you’re aware, there are a lot of costs involved in setting up and staffing these charters.

What is the Insurance & Security Deposit policy?

Bare boats are fully insured. The dingy however does not apply and is not covered in this insurance.

A security deposit is required and will be between 2,000 and 5,400 Euros. If your charter involves races this may be higher. This payment will be taken upon your arrival at base.

What qualifications do I need to charter a bare boat sailing yacht?

To act as skipper we required a minimum of three years sailing experience on a yacht of similar size to that being chartered. Details of this will be found on the contract. If you possess ad skipper’s license please send a copy, although, this is not required. 

Do you provide boat briefing?

A general briefing will be given to the entire party pre-departure. This will cover a variety of information on local conditions, navigation, anchorage and your specific itinerary. A more detailed boat briefing will also be given on the yacht itself.

I have a professional captain, why do I need a manager as well?

Management is designed to make the experience as smooth and pleasurable as possible ensuring that assets and operations continue to run.

Can I make money from charter?

Asia Marine  are able to operate as a central clearing agent. Should you want to make your yacht available for charter Asia Marine will make an assessment of the vessel to determine potential revenue.  We are able to operate a proposed marketing plan to maximize earnings. Do be in touch if you think this is something you’d like to do.

How much does yacht management cost?

This will vary depending on the yacht and the owner. We can establish a clients wishes and develop a budget around this.

When do I get professional management involved?

You should look at having management throughout the ownership of your vessel. PrestigePhuket can assist you through the process, from the very start, when you begin looking for a yacht. Things like suitability, delivery, budget and operations can be assisted with and make life much easier.